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 Business Listings for Deer Isle & Stonington, ME
Categories : 16
Antiques (5) Auto Sales (6)
Bed & Breakfasts (5) Campgrounds (3)
Child Care (1) Cloths / Gifts (6)
Cottages (21) Eats & Drinks (8)
Health Care / Pharmacy (5) Hotels (5)
Houses / Apts (4) Museums (29)
News Papers / Publications (1) Real Estate Agents (1)
Real Estate Rentals (4) Shops (6)
Cities and Towns in Deer Isle
Deer Isle
North Haven
Swans Island
Deer Isle, Maine - Introduction
Deer Isle, in Hancock County, is a group of three islands lying between the northern part of Isle nu Haute Bay and Brooklin and Sedgewick on the mainland. It is 35 miles south-south-west of Ellsworth. The town includes Little Deer Isle, Great Deer Isle, and Eagle Isle. The first mentioned and most northerly of the group has an area of 1,000 acres, which is well suited to agriculture. Great Deer Isle is about 10 miles in length, from north to south, and near 5 miles in width. The surface in the northern part is rather level, while in the south it is rough. Nicaceous limestone was undoubtedly the parent rock of Deer Isle, but it has been crystalized, and is thus rendered unfit for quicklime, though suitable for architectural sculpture. At the Reach is a quarry which is operated for this marble, affording a yearly product of 4,000 tons of rough and cut stone; while roofing slate of a good quality has been found on Little Deer Isle. At this place, it is stated, are found conclusive evidences of an extinct volcano, which in some of rhe by-gone years, belched forth its showers of ashes, and poured out its molten lava. As will be apparent, the transition series of rocks is well charicterized in these islands. Large deposits of silver, also, have recently been found, and two companies now hold property on the island for the purpose of mining this mineral.

The soil is loamy, and the largest crop is potatoes. The forest trees are principally spruce and fir. Along the roadsides in the most thickly settled parts of the town, are many shade trees from five to forty years old, of various kinds, but mostly chestnut. Adam's Hill, is the principal eminence, reaching a height of 256 feet above the sea. Torry's and Marshall's are the only considerable ponds, one being a mile long, the other two miles. Smith's mineral spring has a local celebrity. The manufactures consist of sails, wrought granite; while at Oceanville and at Green's Landing, are establishments for the packing of the various kinds of fish.

Deer Isle Area Code is 207

Deer Isle Region Map
Deer Isle Map
Latitude and Longitude of Deer Isle
Latitude : 44.22
Longitude : -68.68
Emergency Municipal Departments of Deer Isle
Fire Department : Hancock County, Regional Communication Center,non-emergency 667-8866

Police Department : Hancock County Sheriff's Department 667-7576

Emergency Medical Services : Blue Hill Memorial Hospital (Blue Hill) 374-2836

Information of Deer Isle
Total area: 18,560 (29 sq. mi.)
Land: 18,477 acres
Bog: 1,702 acres
Flood: 508 acres
Inland water: 83 acres

Fishing vessels: 78
Shoreline: 87.25 miles
Shellfish landings (bushels)
Clams: 2,287
Mussels: 12
Quahogs: 0
Deer Isle, ME - Web Resources

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