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 Business Listings for Old Orchard Beach, ME
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Cities and Towns in Old Orchard Beach
Cape Elizabeth
Old Orchard Beach, Maine - Introduction
Earliest records of the Old Orchard Beach area date back to 1653. The first settler, Thomas Rogers, established "Garden by the Sea" in 1657. A few years later, ten millitiamen repelled 150 attacking Indians near the beach, but a relief party of towns people coming to support the millitiamen were killed in an ambush, and Roger's home was burned.

The "old" apple orchard, from which the town took its name, a landmark to sailors for many years, was on high land above the long sand beach. In 1820 Maine, formerly part of Massachusetts, became a State by act of Congress. In 1837, E.C. Staples was coaxed into taking summer boarders at his farm for $ 1.50 per week. Convinced of Old Orchard Beach's Potential as a summer resort, Staples built the first Old Orchard Boarding House near the Street. This building was historically restored and reopened during the summer of 2000 as the Old Orchard Beach inn.

Sparked by Lindbergh's daring flight, many Trans-Atlantic flights took advantage of Old Orchard Beach's long strech of wide hard packed sand to attempt their own crossings.

The storm of February 1978 almost demolished the Pier, and a new pier was immediately planned. Today's Pier opened in June 1980.

Enjoy your Old Orchards Beach vacation this year as millions have for over 250 years!

Old Orchard Beach Area Code is 207

Old Orchard Beach Region Map
Old Orchard Beach Map
Latitude and Longitude of Old Orchard Beach
Latitude : 43.5264
Longitude : -70.39218
County Information
Old Orchard Beach, Maine is located in York County.
Time Zone - Eastern
Average County Elevation - 266 Feet
County's Square Mileage - 991
This county does observe Day Light Savings Time.
FIPS Code - 031.
Old Orchard Beach, ME - Web Resources

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