It's easy to start advertising on, contact us today and we will help you start a customized advertising campaign on invites you to review the different Internet Advertising Plans.

Create A Website Presence - Open Your Business

Geared to the needs of your business, this is a cost-effective way to get your business online. You'll reach customers within your Community, City, State, Country and across the World.

If you presently do not have an Internet presence, we will design a special advertising Home Page Package hosted on for as little as Rs. 2000. We'll work with you to create a funtional Website your potential customers can find easily. E-mail us for more details.

Your Home Page Package includes pages with full graphic images, information on your business that potential customers are looking for, regarding your company and specific to: hours of operation, products & services, marketing and sales messages.

A Hypertext link to your home page is provided from appropriate category of our searchable Web Directory free of cost to drive traffic to your company pages thus leading sales to your company.

Premium Listing of your Website

You've got a Website / Home Page - now bring customers to it. You want maximum exposure! Give it to your business by linking your Website from appropriate category in our Web Directory. These effective links allow global users to find you; your products and or services very easily and quickly through Business Directory. When you sign-up for the premium listing your business will appear at the top (alphabetically) in a special advertiser section of listings - not buried in an alphabetical list of regular listings.

Your site will be reviewed and added to the Web Directory in three business days. To add these affordable hypertext links providing your business direct contact globally; please e-mail us and we will have a representive contact you.

Banner Advertising Plans

Put your message in front of potential customers who are ready to buy. These types of advertisements offer information and hypertext links directly to your Website / Home Page. Banner ads can be placed on any page and on Web Directory search results pages. will use your companies banner or we suggest using one of the similar different sizes banner ads shown below. Renting advertising space on an Internet site has never been easier or more cost effective. can assist your business in choosing which ad, location, and price level is best for you.

To add these affordable banner ads providing your business direct contact globally; please e-mail us and we will have a representive contact you.

Banner Advertising Options and Specifications:

  • Dimensions available (in pixels): 468x60, 392x72, 234x60, 125x125, 120x240, 120x90,120x60, 88x31.
    Click here for more details
  • Maximum File Size: 12k ( 468x60, 392x72, 234x60, 125x125, 120x240 ) and 8k ( 120x90, 120x60, 88x31 )
  • Format: GIF, GIF89, JPEG,  and any other formats that can be constructed using HTML statements.
  • No looping limit, but minimum of 3-second delay between frames.
  • Must include live-linking URL and alt-text (55 characters maximum, including spaces)
  • Requires three business days lead time for insertions and creative refreshes.

Please provide the above by e-mail to

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